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Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the things that can damage your home, belongings, or hurt you financially. It covers wind/hail damage, fires, lightning, theft, and more. Plus it covers injuries that occur on your property and lawsuits against you, such as someone suing you because they were hurt at your home.

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As a homeowner, it’s likely you’ve invested many hours on upgrades, home maintenance and making your house look great. Owning a home is not only a good investment, but it’s where you make memories with your family and friends, as well. Whether you plan on spending your golden years in your home, or you’re putting it on the market soon, homeowner’s insurance is an integral part of your financial security.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong when you own property. Accidents are a part of life that we can’t control, but we can control how we pay for things when something happens. Homeowner’s insurance can’t stop extreme weather, fire or theft at your home, but we can ensure you’re covered for these unforeseen events.


If you don’t have home insurance because you think you don’t need it, then ask yourself how you would replace everything in your dwelling if it was all destroyed in a fire. When you consider the money you’d have to pay upfront versus what you pay for monthly insurance, then the insurance coverage is obviously the better deal. In addition to replacing items lost in a fire, you’d also have to pay for a new place to live. When you consider all of this, the costs add up pretty quickly.


Homeowners insurance is comprehensive. It’s important to speak with a licensed insurance agent to discuss how much coverage you need for the well-being of your family’s assets. Your agent will help you determine replacement costs for your personal items, and if there’s any special coverage needed. You could be eligible for discounts on your policy based on certain factors like holding multiple policies or installing an alarm system.


The homeowner's policy covers your house and separate structures on your property, such as additional dwelling units, detached garages and storage sheds. The policy also covers property inside and outside, as long as it’s still within your property line. You’ll be covered for personal liability for visitors to your home.


Your dwelling is insured for damage from fire, weather-related incidents like wind and ice, lightning strikes, snow and hail. You’re also covered for theft, vandalism, falling objects, damage from a motor vehicle or aircraft. The dwelling coverage applies to all of the structures on your property and helps to pay for repair or replacement of the damaged property. 


It’s important to note that flooding may be an excluded peril if you live in a flood zone. Water damage is covered in certain cases when the damage is due to a burst pipe or backed up sewer, but it’s always wise to talk to your agent for details about flood coverage.


When your personal property is destroyed or stolen, having a homeowners policy is an essential way to recover from your losses. The policy will help to repair or replace your household items. Nobody expects catastrophic losses, but having good homeowners coverage will aid you in getting your life back on track quickly after a major house fire or other peril. If you have valuable belongings such as expensive jewelry, antiques, artwork or a comic book collection, then speak with your agent about purchasing additional coverage to ensure you get the full value of the property in case of loss.


Liability coverage is also included in your homeowner's policy and is an excellent way to protect you from having to pay out of pocket expenses. Liability coverage applies to injuries sustained by anyone on your property who aren’t residents of the home. For instance, your liability portion covers postal workers delivering mail, your friends and anyone else visiting your home. The policy pays for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and death benefits. It will also help you pay for legal fees if you have to go to court due to an accident on your property.


In some cases, personal liability coverage may follow you to other locations if you cause damage to another property. As an example, if you were to go to a party and accidentally drop an heirloom vase worth thousands of dollars, then you may be covered by your liability insurance. There are limits to the dollar amount that can be paid out under this portion of your policy. If you’re concerned about not having enough coverage, then you should consider getting an umbrella policy to extend the limits of liability.


There are many insurance options to explore when it comes to buying a great homeowners policy. Our experienced insurance agents will guide you through the process every step of the way, and personalize your coverage products to give you peace of mind. In the unfortunate event of a covered loss, we will help you by filing a claim to make you whole again and offering the very best products to protect you and your assets.

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