It goes without saying that your home and business are important to you, and you’ve most likely spent a great deal of time and money accruing both personal and professional possessions. Protecting your assets against loss is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Residential and commercial property insurance will help mitigate covered losses in your building and on the property. If you’re the victim of a covered peril like fire, theft or weather-related damage, then having the right kind of insurance will help get you back on your feet.


It’s important to note that most homeowners and business insurance policies don’t cover water damage from flooding. This is especially important to understand if your property is in a flood zone. A flood zone is an area that’s been defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as being at a historically high-risk for flooding. The Flood Hazard Boundary Map or Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) provides homeowners, business owners and renters an opportunity to see if they are in the flood zone.

Bentonville Flood Insurance

When you live in a flood zone, there are varying levels of possibilities for flooding. Even if your area hasn’t experienced flooding in years, then it’s still wise to be prepared for the possibility of a major flooding event. You need to purchase flood insurance in order to be reimbursed for your personal and business belongings in case you lose it all. If you had to replace everything in your property, or even part of it, the expenses could be in the thousands. If you have a mortgage on your property you may even be required to carry separate flood insurance. Renters can buy flood insurance too for replacing their household goods.


The effects of a major flood can be disastrous and cause widespread monetary losses in an area. Due to the nature of flooding, the coverage for this peril can be purchased through FEMA. Since FEMA is funded by the federal government, the agency has the means to manage a national flood insurance program. FEMA requires anyone who is in an established flood zone and has been given a monetary grant to help rebuild after a disaster to buy flood insurance


Our experienced agents can help you buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). As an individual, you can’t purchase flood insurance on your own, but we’re here to help you get the coverage you need. Communities who are proactive in flood plain management get the benefits of this essential flood coverage. You also don’t have to live inside of a flood plain to buy flood insurance. According to FEMA, over 20 percent of flood claims are not located in the floodplain. Catastrophic flooding can occur from a number of events, like after a wildfire or if a major water main breaks.


Flood insurance is intended for property owners and renters to help alleviate the costs associated with rebuilding and purchasing the items they need. There are two types of coverage to be aware of if you own a home or commercial property: personal property and building property. If you’re a renter, then you should talk to your landlord about who is responsible for the appliances, electrical and heating systems in the event of a flood. For property owners, having the right coverage will make the process of recovery after flood damage seamless.


When you have personal property coverage, the policy will pay to replace your household items that were lost or damaged in a flood. If you have items of high value like antiques, jewelry or art, then we can help you find the right additional policy to cover the items for their full value. When you purchase flood insurance, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of all of your belongings in case you need to make a claim.


Building property coverage will pay to rebuild or replace certain structures and necessary systems that were damaged by flooding. This means the electrical, plumbing, water storage and heating systems may all be covered. In addition, the appliances, carpeting, staircases, foundation, walls and window blinds are eligible to be reimbursed. Detached garages that are used for parking and partial storage are also covered.


There are some things that the NFIP won’t cover, such as a burst pipe in your home. This type of damage may be covered under your homeowner's insurance. Flood insurance does not reimburse for lost stock certificates, living expenses, damage from moisture that should have been prevented, or vehicles.


When you have flood insurance, you’ll be required to pay your deductible before any claims money is paid out. Our friendly agents can match you with the deductible that will match your budget and ensure all of your belongings are covered. Although flood insurance rates are set by FEMA, we can bundle all of your insurance needs to give you a lower price across the board. Contact us today to discuss flood insurance for your protection.

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