Choose the Right Insurance Coverage in Fayetteville

Having the right insurance coverage provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind. You never know what life might bring your way, and the right personal or business insurance means that you are better prepared for difficulties and disasters.


Our insurance agency offers many types of insurance in Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding area -- from car insurance to commercial policies and much more.


Auto Insurance in Fayetteville

Auto insurance isn’t just a good idea -- it’s required by law. It provides coverage for bodily injury if you hurt someone and are at fault for the accident. This coverage also covers your own medical expenses if you're injured in an accident.


Additionally, car insurance coverage protects you if you cause property damage. Not only does it cover the other party's property, but it also covers the replacement cost of your vehicle.


Beyond the basics, there are other car insurance options that are worth considering. You may want to have the auto insurance cover vandalism, break-ins, theft, and weather damage, too. Your auto insurance quote is based on your driving record, your zip code and how much you drive.


We offer car, motorcycle, RV/trailer, ATV and boat insurance. If you can ride it, we can probably insure it!


Fayetteville Business Insurance


If you own a business, you need to have small business insurance. Small business owners could be personally liable for a patron's or employee's injury in their building. Even one such occurrence can be catastrophic for a small business if you’re not adequately insured.


You may also need to have commercial auto coverage if your employees drive a company-owned vehicle as part of their work duties. This covers you against losses if your worker or hired driver causes an accident.


Commercial auto insurance also provides protection if your commercial vehicle damages a customer's property. For example, if your delivery truck damages a customer's driveway, this may be included in your covered losses.


Coverage for your commercial property is also important. Severe weather, a natural disaster or other situation could cause damage to the business property, disrupting your ability to open your business's doors.


Depending on your type of business, you may also need general liability or professional liability insurance. General liability is for any damage caused by your workers to a customer's property, and every type of business needs it. Professional liability insurance provides coverage if you make an error, such as a medical error performed by a nurse.


Small business owners who have employees also need worker's comp insurance. The amount of worker's comp insurance you need varies by state, and quotes vary by insurance rating.


Property Insurance


If you're a landlord or you own a home or condo, you need homeowners' insurance. Homeowners' insurance quotes allow you to compare coverage levels and save money. Property insurance designed for landlords also protects you against damage caused by renters in your short-term rental or overnight accommodations.


Even if you don't own a home, renter's insurance covers your belongings, including your clothes, computer and furniture. Your landlord's insurance for the apartment, condo or house won't cover your belongings.


When calling for a homeowners' insurance quote for a condo, you'll want to ensure that it covers shared areas, such as shared walls, basements and roofs.


Finally, ask us about discounts for bundling different kinds of insurance. You could save a good deal of money on your insurance quote by getting your auto and homeowner's policies from the same insurance company.


Specialty Insurance: Life Insurance and More


If you have dependents, you need life insurance. A life insurance policy could help your spouse provide for minor children or make the mortgage payment if you unexpectedly pass away. You could also provide an inheritance to your heirs with a life insurance policy.


If you're looking to start a new livelihood with a food truck, we also offer food truck insurance. It protects you against injuries caused by the truck and provides liability insurance if your customer becomes ill or injured as a result of patronizing your truck.


Got pets? Vet bills can be disastrously expensive, but pet insurance helps you to be prepared for them. Pet insurance could pay for your furry companion's medical costs for an injury, acute illness or chronic condition.


Contact us today to learn more about the different insurance options available. We’d love to be your Fayetteville insurance agent of choice!

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