Coverage for Boats, Personal Watercraft and  Yachts

Boat, Personal Watercraft and Yacht Insurance Coverage

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As boat owners know, following a maintenance checklist before getting on the water is essential to protect lives and property. And insurance is an important item on that list. Making sure you, your passengers, and your boat are covered, both on the water, in transit, and in storage, lets you enjoy the experience with greater ease and confidence. Otherwise, in the event of damage or theft, you may be unable to replace what was lost, leaving you standing on the dock.  An agent can help answer your questions, but you can also learn about the coverage types below:

  • Property coverage
    Covers the damage to your boat if you're involved in an accident with another boat or something else, like a pier, buoy, dock or debris. It also typically pays for damage caused by something other than a collision, such as theft, fire or vandalism.

  • Replacement cost
    Covers replacement or repair work done on your boat, motor, equipment or trailer with no deduction for depreciation*.

  • Emergency services
    If your boat breaks down, this covers the cost of towing and labor and the cost of delivering fuel, oil or a battery.

  • Uninsured watercraft coverage
    If you're in an accident with an uninsured boater, this helps pay for injuries that you, your family or anyone else on your boat sustains.

  • Agreed value option
    When you're reimbursed for your boat's value, you'll be reimbursed for what it was worth at the start of the policy regardless of the current market value.

  • Personal effect coverage
    Covers your fishing equipment and other personal belongings if they're damaged, lost or stolen.

  • Additional boat equipment
    Covers boat accessories, like anchors, life jackets and navigation gear, up to the policy limits.

  • Boat trailer coverage
    Covers damages to your trailer resulting from an accident or other unforeseen incident.

  • Watercraft medical payments coverage
    Helps pay medical costs if you or anyone on your boat is injured in an accident.

  • Watercraft liability coverage
    If there's an accident, this covers the medical and other expenses of whoever was injured as well as the costs of repairing or replacing another person's boat or property.

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