Car Insurance Discounts and Ways to Save

Drivers who switch to Cribb Insurance and save pay $589 less per year on average.* That's no accident. From the moment you start a car insurance quote to the purchase of your policy, we're all about finding you car insurance discounts and saving you more.

Just get a quote today and see why 99% of our auto customers earn at least one discount. It's the best way to save on car insurance. Note that discount availability will vary by state.


Multi-policy discount

Discounts up to 40%

You'll save when you have two or more policies with the same carrier. For instance, if you have auto and boat insurance with one of our carriers, you'll get a discount on one or more of those policies. Same goes for auto + motorcycle, auto + RV or any other combination of products. If you have auto + home insurance with us, we'll double the discount! You'll earn multi-policy discounts on both your home and auto policies. See more on bundling insurance.

All About Multi-Policy Insurance Discounts

 Businesses and individuals alike are prone to future uncertainties. Between today and tomorrow, a lot can happen!

The multi-policy insurance discount is one of the best ways your insurance agent can help you save money on the most essential insurance policies. These discounts are the best way to get the perfect amount of coverage at a price that’s lower than if you purchased all your policies separately.


Which Types of Coverage Are Eligible for Multi-Policy Discounts?

In most cases, you will likely get a discount if you bundle your auto insurance policy with a home policy or renter’s policy. Bundling with a homeowner’s insurance policy will usually have a significant effect on your car insurance rate.


For a home to qualify for an insurance discount, auto and home policies need to be provided by the same agent. The multi-policy discount can range between 15 to 25 percent depending on your insurance provider. Also, boat insurance and RV insurance can benefit from bundling provided they are covered by the same insurance company providing your home and auto coverage.


Tips to Help You Get Multi-Policy Insurance Discounts

  • If you change agencies, but remain with the same carrier, you remain eligible for the multi-policy discount. But make sure you notify the insurance agent that you have another coverage with the same carrier.

  • Different coverage plans in the same household are also eligible for a multi-policy discount. For instance, if your child’s car has a separate auto policy, he/she is most likely eligible for a home multi-policy insurance discount as long as you are both insured through the same carrier.


One of the surest ways to save on household insurance expenses is bundling different coverage plans with one insurance carrier. Keeping all your policies under one insurance carrier will save you money and time when you pay your bills or file any claims.


Besides multi-policy discounts, we offer many other types of discounts on car insurance, homeowner’s insurance and more. Just to name a few:

Telematics Apps/Plugins: BIG discounts for good drivers

Discounts range from 5% to 50%

Our Carrier partners telematics programs personalize your rate based on your actual driving. The safer you drive, the more you can save.

Safe driver discount

Discounts range from 15% to 45%

If you have no accidents or traffic violations in the past three or five years(varies by carrier), you could earn nearly 50% off your policy price!


Discounts range from 10% to 30%

Save if you have more than one vehicle listed on your policy. Remember, you can add any car to your auto policy (belonging to a spouse, family member, roommate, etc.), as long as it is kept primarily at your address.


Discounts up to 40%

You'll get another discount simply for being a homeowner, even if it's not insured through one of our home insurers.


Discounts ranges from 5% to 15%

Another easy discount anyone can earn. If you're comfortable signing your documents online, our carriers are comfortable adding in a discount.


Discount ranges from 2% to 10%

All you have to do is opt to receive your documents via email, and we'll automatically provide a discount. This is dependent on signing your documents online, and is in addition to our sign-online discount.

Continuous insurance

Discount ranges from 2% to 67%

Our Carriers honor the time you've spent with a previous insurer, so you won't have to worry about losing any longevity benefits when you switch. Your actual discount value will depend on how long you've been consistently insured with the same insurance carrier with no lapses or cancellations.

Teen driver

Average discount varies

You may have heard adding a teen driver to your policy may up your price. Our partner carriers will help you offset the cost a bit with our teen driver discount (driver must be 21 years or younger).

Good student

Discount ranges from 5% to 15%

Add a student on your policy who maintains a "B" average or better, and we'll add a discount. You'll also earn a discount if you have a student on your policy who is in college, more than 100 miles from your residence, and is 22 years or younger.

Pay in full

Discount Ranges from 5% to 18%

If you can pay for your six month or yearly policy up front, you'll earn a discount.

Automatic payments

Average discount varies on payment type

Pay in full not quite right for you? That's okay! When you purchase your policy, we'll give you a discount for setting up automatic payments from a checking account, credit card or debit card. Some carriers will even allow you to  combine the automatic payment and pay in full discounts.


Compare auto rates

Compare similar coverages at a handful of companies and see the best price. We'll show our rates first and let you compare it against competitors. Compare rates.

Small accident forgiveness

Ask about our carriers that won't raise your rate for a claim less than $500.

Large accident forgiveness

Ask about how you can get accident forgiveness from day one. (only certain carriers offer this option)

We know you want to save as much as you can. But do you want the lowest possible rate (even if that means less coverage)? If so, ask an agent about our value plan options

Claim Free Money Back

This option is only available with certain plan packages.  Ask an agent for additional details.

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